Helping you meet your industrial ergonomic needs.

Ergonomic Lifts

Cleanroom, roll handling, test fixture, server, vacuum, solar energy, portable and intrinsically safe material handling lifts are available with a wide variety of custom designed ergonmic end-effecters to include, but not limited to fork sets, platforms, roller decks, powered tongs, clamps, expanding mandrels and articulating arms.

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Ergonomic Lift Categories

Lift Smart



Light: 100 -150 lbs.Medium: 150-250 lbs.Heavy: 350-500 lbs.

Gorilla LiftClean Room & Semi Lifts Counterbalanced
800 lbs. and over

Certified Class 100

Carts and Mobile Work Stations

Trav-A-Lift Telescoping Lifts Specialty Lift
Portable; Easy Breakdown   

Test Fixtures Hose-Down Wash Down Solar Energies