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Ergonomic Flooring

Whether your need is heavy industrial, food processing, engineering, manufacturing, retail, services, health, recreational, offices or workstations – anywhere that the safety and protection of both people and product is important, we can provide a flooring solution that protects your business in many ways.  We offer comfort mats, mid and high compression, electrical protection mats, and grit mats that will protect your business and people.


Oxygenated blood is pumped by the heart, through arteries, around our  body which uses the oxygen as fuel. The blood then returns, via the  veins, to our heart and lungs for ‘refueling’ and the process begins  again with re-circulation of oxygenated blood through the arteries.  Blood pressure and the normal contracting and relaxing of muscles around veins as we move, facilitates the return journey of blood through the one-way valve system in veins. This process can be inhibited  when we have to stand on a hard surface or our movement is restricted  for prolonged periods.



The Work Matta™ Comfort range is robust and engineered to tolerate the heavy loads and harsh conditions associated with industrial and manufacturing environments.

Work Matta™ Comfort tiles are available with a range of surface options: the Diamond Shield surface provides excellent anti-slip properties while the Smooth Top surface is suited to debris-sensitive areas that need to be easily cleaned. Work Matta™ Comfort is also available with a Carpet surface where an office type environment may be preferred. Compatible safety ramp edging, in matching black or high-visibility yellow, ensures safe transitions to and from the safety surface area.

Work Matta™ Comfort is designed to provide a safe and comfortable work zone for people in industrial environments who are required to stand for long periods of time.



Work Matta™ Excel is an attractive and ergonomic safety flooring solution for both the industrial and commercial markets.

Excel tiles feature the Shock Pocket surface design, which helps to deaden shock and increase tile compression – a must for people who are required to stand or work in static positions for extended periods of time.

The Shock Pocket surface pattern provides effective traction for areas where sure footing is important, while the open surface option is designed to provide efficient drainage in wet areas and where regular washing off is required.

Work Matta™ safety ramp edging, in matching black or high-visibility yellow, ensures a smooth transition to and from the safety surface area. Work Matta™ Excel tiles feature the highly stable Flex Lock interlocking connection system.



Electrostatic discharge – ESD – is a major concern for manufacturers and assemblers of electronic products. Effective, reliable ESD control can generate significant cost savings and production efficiencies.
Specialised Work Matta™ ESD flooring will provide workplace protection from electrostatic discharge in two ways:  as an antistatic area that will not allow static electricity to be generated at potentially hazardous levels, and by removing the charge from a conductive object placed on the surface.


Work Matta™ ESD flooring is highly effective because it is manufactured to perform within narrow parameters on the conductive/insulative spectrum and each tile is guaranteed to operate in the ideal dissipative range.


Work Matta™ Grit is a maximum grip, durable, slip-resistant surface finish that can be applied to a wide range of Work Matta™ tiles. Grit tiles performs well in conditions where sure footing is paramount and safety may be compromised by fluids, dampness or industrial overspray. Use Work Matta™ Grit open surface tiles where efficient drainage is required to disperse liquids and lubricants and prevent pooling hazards. Work Matta™ Grit closed surface tiles are useful in areas where extra traction is needed for foot tracking areas around slippery trouble spots.

Because all Work Matta™ tiles are modular in design, Work     Matta™ Grit can easily be incorporated, or moved around, in     the overall layout of any standard Work Matta™ installation.